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On this page we'll include information about some of the bands we play on 91.3 FM WCHW!!

The following are some of the bands..and songs you may hear on WCHW. If you don't hear this songs..but know them and would like to hear them...call our request line at (989) 892-1741!!

Linkin Park "Faint"
Linkin Park "Somewhere I Belong"
Trapt "Headstrong"
Trapt "Still Frame"
Nickelback "Someday"
White Stripes "Seven Nation Army"
Seether "Gasoline"
Seether "Fine Again"
Chevelle "Send The Pain Below"
Revis "Caught In The Rain"
Hoobastank "Out Of Control"
Breaking Benjamin "Skin"
Breaking Benjamin "Polyamorous"

This is just a sampling of the music we play on 91.3 FM WCHW...if you have any song requests...make sure to call the studio...if we don't have it in our song library...we'll do our best to get the song for you the listener...keep your radio locked to 91.3 FM WCHW "The Rock Of The Tri's & Home Of Wolves Football."

Check out the bands below by clicking on the link to the right of the band name.  Enjoy!!

Adema    www.ademaonline.com

Avoid One Thing    www.avoidonething.com

Boston    www.bandboston.com

3 Doors Down    www.3doorsdown.com

Atreyu    www.atreyurock.com

Foo Fighters    www.foofighters.com

--We will add more band links and info about the bands we play on-air soon...so hey check back soon ya hear.