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Info about our DJ's is comming soon!

VERY SOON...we'll include pictures of our DJ's and bios and other info about them on this page! The "Radio Shows" part of the site will tell what time each radio show is on and it will also include any "news" about the shows [ex: maybe one show is giving away concert tickets or something like that]. This page will basically just be a DJ bio page. So check back soon to see pics and read bios about our DJ's here at 91.3 FM WCHW!!

Jeremy Powers!!

Meet Jeremy Powers

How long have you been working at WCHW?

I have been working at WCHW for over 4 yrs...although I'm not currently on-air at WCHW a lot...I do make it up to WCHW when I can.

Who is/are your favorite band(s):

I have sooooo many favorites...3 Doors Down, Nickelback, Styx, Bon Jovi, Beastie boys, Boston, TBS, Blink 182, and tons of other bands...basically if they are rock...I probably dig em'...or if they are classic rock...I dig em'.

What do you enjoy most about WCHW?

I would say all the wonderful people that have worked with me at the station over the years....many of those people I haven't seen in yrs..and I always wonder what they are doing with their life...but I've some great DJ's while I was the Program Director at the station...some of the people that graduated with me....I still hang out with and you know what they make fun of former WCHW radio personality Alan Rex...he makes fun of my b-ball skills...but I know I can beat him at b-ball any day/any place!!

Who was your favorite band or celebrity to interview?

Well...I have a lot of favorites...Andrew WK talked to me for like 30 mins. when I talked to him...I wasn't expecting him to talk that long...but it was kewl...I also loved interviewing Sum 41, Hoobastank, and all the other great bands that I've interviewed over the years!

Who is someone you haven't interviewed or met and would love to?

I would love to meet/interview Adam Sandler...he seems to be sooo kewl!!  I love all of his movies and he just seems to be down to earth...I would also love to meet Hilary Duff..cauze she's a cutie!  Haha...I would also love to interview anyone and everyone who I haven't had the pleasure of interviewing yet....which means I better get started cauze there are quite a few people out there I haven't interviewed!!